Requests and Commissions!

Hey guys!  Please send me requests!  If you are interested in buying the finished product be sure to mention that in your post.

Here is a price breakdown of some of the things I currently sell.  All prices are subject to change based on the time it takes me to make the item, as well as the amount of material used.


Price will vary greatly depending on the size of the sculpture, the amount of material used, and the time it takes to create it.

REPLICA  DUCT TAPE WEAPONS: (all prices include reinforcing material (usually a 1/4″ steel dowel for swords, wooden handles for axes and staff weapons)

I do offer replica weapons that have foam inside of them so that they are acceptable for comicons, however, I wouldnt recommend you use these for LARPing unless you specifically request them for that.

Duct Tape Sword $45-100 (based on level of detail/complexity)

Duct Tape Battleaxe-Single Blade    $40-100  (based on level of detail/complexity i.e. solid blade, patterned blade, foam edging)

Duct Tape Battleaxe-Double Blade $50-110


Depending on the level of complexity, the size, and the amount of wood used, I would price these anywhere from $200-500.


All of my space vinyls are $20 each.


Price depends on complexity of stencil, number of colors, etc.    $35-100

16 Responses to Requests and Commissions!

  1. Shlomo Sokolinski says:

    could you try to make a cat? and also how much would you sell your f-16 for?

    • jacoblarockr says:

      I apologize this has taken so long to respond to, my hosting server was misbehaving and would not allow me to log in. I could probably make you a cat, however, I would rather not, mostly because I have never been very good at making organic models, so I have only done a few ever, and i have not had enough practice to feel comfortable making one for you. As for the F-16, I would probably charge about $90, but if you would go for a smaller version, or if I reproduce it in a shorter amount of time, it would cost less. Let me know!

    • jacoblarockr says:

      Hi! Thanks for your interest. The cost of a sword like this will vary slightly, depending if you want it to be “Con-legal” as in meeting the guidelines of New York Comic Con for example. The other factor would be if you want the revolver part to actually spin.

      If you would like it to be Con legal, without the spinning revovler, I would probably do it for 100$ give or take ten dollars depending on how long the handle takes to make. The blade is relatively simple, but it is also solid, so it takes a decent amount of tape.

      IF you moving parts, I’m guessing it would be closer to 160$, but to be honest, moving parts make it a lot more fragile, and if this would be a cosplay sword, I would recommend against it.

      I would also be willing to make it out of EVA foam and PVC for a cosplay costume, but I am not sure how much that would cost at this time.

      Let me know. Also, would this need to be shipped?

      • jacoblarockr says:

        Also, in looking up a few more pictures, some of the depictions show it as being like 20-28″ and some show it as large as 30″-40″. It would definitely cost less if it were the shorter of the two. For say a 24″ blade, I would say 80$ give or take ten dollars.

  2. Jonah says:

    Hi Jacob,
    We met at Somerville Open Studios in May, and you showed me some of the work you’d done with LEDs and acrylic. I was wondering if we could talk more about it, or could you at least remind me of the product name (I’m looking for a sheet rather than a cylinder). Thanks.

    • jacoblarockr says:

      Hi! Good to hear from you! The stuff I use is called Acrylite Endlighten LED. THey sell sheets of it in different grades on their website. Let me know if you can’t find the spec sheet describing the different grades, I have it saved somewhere. Do you have specific questions?

      • chris bybee says:

        yo i met u at the makers fair i was looking at the infiteny gun. I was wounding if u can make me the Psycho hammer from border lands 2. and how much will that be? hit me up on face book

  3. Jonah Smiley says:

    Thanks. The site mentioned using reflective tape to prevent light from escaping. Do you use it and can you recommend any specific products?

  4. MP says:

    I had a question about your ship designs. Could you drop me a line at

  5. Dan Porter says:

    Hey Jacob,

    We met Sunday morning at Maker Faire when I commented on your Borderlands repeater. It looks like I forgot to write down that software you mentioned for browsing through the 3D models in Borderlands.

    If you’re interested in working together, I’m looking to get started on a 3D printed Borderlands pistol in the next week or so.

    Let me know if you’re interested.

    • jacoblarockr says:

      Hi! The software you are going to use for this is called the Unreal Editor. It is released by “Gildor”. In order to extract the files you have to find the “startup.upk” file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\CookedPCConsole folder. It contains 55k items, so if you are looking for a specific gun, I can see if I can find it for you as I have already extracted them.

      • Dan Porter says:

        Thanks for the quick response. I thought I clicked to get e-mail updates, so I hadn’t checked this page until now.

        I have pictures of the pistol I want to work on, but I can only see the end of the name “gence”. I might still have it in-game so I could look it up there.

        It would be extremely helpful we could find the model of it. Although I love modeling, the time it takes to recreate the gun could be better spent modifying it to be printed.

  6. JOnah says:

    I did. Thanks. I’m not sure if I’ll add that as a regular material I use, but it did the job I wanted it to.

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