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Leather Geology Field Belt

A while back I designed and made a leather field belt for my geologist girlfriend.  I had the best leatherworker I know teach me, and it is actually super fun.   It includes a rock pick holster (quick-draw), a field notebook with space pen and pencil, a leatherman & holster, and a loupe with a holster.


Take an oversized piece and soak it in water for a few hours, then nail it down with BRASS tacks as tight as you can around the object you want it formed to. In this case, I used a wood block so I didnt ruin the book.





Once dried and formed, use punches to punch through the leather so you can thread the backings onto the formed pieces.DSC_1422 DSC_1423DSC_1424


The pattern you see in the small tab here was “engraved” onto the leather using a raster laser.





The dyeing.DSC_1476

Bossa Nova: Tales from the Borderlands

I REALLY want to do this costume, but I am not sure I ahve the bulk for it.

Borderlands 2: Bandit Spingun

My spingun with a spinning barrel! (See Below for Video)IMG_20150305_013742676_HDR

Nerf Alpha Trooper to be sacrificed.IMG_20150212_222452451_HDR IMG_20150222_101443903
The Harbor Freight Drill to be Sacrificed

Fashioning a new handle for the drill trigger from woodIMG_20150222_163008692_HDR IMG_20150222_163011752_HDR IMG_20150222_163013329_HDRPutting the wood handle into the nerf frame and extending the wiring.
IMG_20150222_173702723_HDR IMG_20150222_173704006_HDRI added a wooden brace to the interior of the gun so that it would not warp with the weight of the drill.

Beginning to fasten the drill onto the body.  I used sintra bracing, since it was what I had available and it was flexible enough to torque the drill into the right position.IMG_20150222_185802917_TOPIMG_20150222_193714457_HDRTesting the PVC and cardboard drill enclosure.

Fastened the Sintra cowl over the main body of the gun.

IMG_20150223_221308755_HDR I covered the wooden grip in Worbla to cover over the blemishes and to make it easy to paint.IMG_20150223_222313643 IMG_20150223_223830986IMG_20150223_223401874

I used a Shopbot CNC Machine to cut the barrel spacers, since I didn’t trust myself to make them evenly spaced. The pictures below show pink foam spacers, but I eventually switched to .75″ ply for rigidity and durability.

I aimed to make the barrels as light as possible so that it wouldnt strain the drill too much.
IMG_20150224_214351353_HDR IMG_20150224_214352496_HDR IMG_20150224_214401185

Check out my first Spin Test Below

I inserted a 1/4″ steel rod into a dowel and then into the body of the gun for structural toughness and so that I could carry it around without it breaking off.  I also added sintra reinforcements.
IMG_20150302_220343677 IMG_20150302_220344297

To the paint room!   I used Plastikote first, and then a rust colored base layer.

IMG_20150303_223413833 IMG_20150304_232816706 IMG_20150304_234905869

The look after Dry brushing.

IMG_20150305_013742676_HDRI added a Nerf Vulcan Ammo box (the night before PAX) to hold the battery.  I’ll post some more pictures soon.

Borderlands 2: Law 3D Printed from mesh files


IMG_20150222_211728655The parts move!   The chamber spins, the barrel “breaks” and hammer cocks.IMG_20150222_211741041_TOP

The hardest part was modifying the actual mesh files so that they would fit together and actually move.  Once I had gotten them just right I printed them out. I will describe my process in a future post.

Out of the printer.IMG_20150211_212313482_TOP

IMG_20150211_223619897IMG_20150210_142656030IMG_20150210_160316643_TOPIMG_20150210_160318387IMG_20150210_162708571IMG_20150210_170101388IMG_20150210_170121151IMG_20150210_165239281Carving the round parts from pink foam


Covering said parts in WorblaIMG_20150211_233359195IMG_20150211_234113748IMG_20150212_011046542_HDR

Primed using PlastikoteIMG_20150214_120238477IMG_20150214_181857687IMG_20150214_173626003IMG_20150214_183020933

I used Styrene to make the blade holder

IMG_20150214_192831782After the primer coat, I painted them all black and then used a dry brush technique I will describe in a future post.


The snow was no packing snow.  It was super light and fluffy, so my friend Chris and I went out and carved out a huge pile left from the snow plow.IMG_20150127_233051420IMG_20150127_235306129 IMG_20150127_233029393 IMG_20150127_235411350


Polargator Bringer of the Snowmageddonpocalypse

IMG_20150127_235411350IMG_20150127_233029393 IMG_20150127_235306129

The Nightsaber of Ultimate Truth: Part 1





I have nearly finished machining the parts for my newest saber, the Nightsaber of Ultimate Truth!  This is a commission for the SCUL gang.   The Pommel, blade guard, and hilt adornments are all machined from brass.

This is the brass pommel and the aluminum connector. I machined this entirely by eye, and the main power switch will sit in the bottom of this.


This is the main compartment in the hilt with a cutout for the button panel.  I realized that making a panel that all of the switches are attached to is much easier than drilling individual holes for each switch


The battery compartment is made of a section of Chrome sink tube.   Simple enough.

IMG_1272 IMG_1271 IMG_1270 IMG_1269

IMG_1268The above pictures are the switch and color selector assembly.  I dont have any process pictures because I misplaced my memory card while I was assembling it.  Once the electronics boards have been completed I will be putting up a post on my new Open Source Saber Project.

IMG_1259 IMG_1258


Finally, this is the blade holder, heatsink, and blade guard.  I will be posting some pictures of the assembled piece once I put it back together.

Duct Tape Serenity Carrying Case, and Meeting Jewel Staite!!



I went to Boston Comicon today while carrying my Duct Tape Serenity on my back.    I met Jewel Staite!!BunhwSoCMAA5xOIBelow you can see some more pictures of the backpack I made.  I was given an old external fram backpack that I modified with some wooden hooks to hook around Serenity’s Wings

IMG_4879 IMG_4880 IMG_4881 IMG_4882 IMG_4883


Commission/Propmaster Task 1:Design and Produce a Sidearm for Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Recently I was asked to design props for the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.  My first task was to design a Sidearm.  The parameters were “make it look practical, but also like it is in a scifi”.   Here is what I came up with.  The top iteration has been printed (pictures to come soon) and it came out a little small, so I have scaled it up for the next print.  The lower iteration was decided on for the second print.  The shape of the grip is based directly on the Nerf Magnus blaster, mostly because it is extremely comfortable in the hand.  The cooling fins in front of the are a tribute to Han Solo’s DL-44.

double pistols double pistol 3d





3 4 This is the V4 Design.



Below are the rank pins I was also asked to design.  The ranks in order from right to left are

Grand Admiral, Fleet Admiral, Admiral, Vice Admiral, Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lt. Commander, Lieutenant, Ensign.   I based them on phases of the moon due to the fact that a symbol for Artemis is the moon.  Print pictures to come soon.


Lucidity-3D Model Repair and Print Preparation

As a contract job, I was a little worried that this task would be extremely difficult, but in the end, I learned a TON, had a lot of fun, and have a cool model at the end.   The client sent me an OBJ file of a spaceship that he wanted to 3D print at around 2 feet long.    The model I recieved was HUGE (see dimension line in picture). lucid2

I decided to use Sketchup to repair the model because it was geometrical enough to not have to worry about too many organic curves.  After scaling the model, the original print simulator was terrible.  I downloaded a plugin that let me see the errors, and it was FULL of holes.  A Resurfacing plugin did not do the trick I spent the next week or so repairing all of the holes and then I broke up the model into different parts and hollowed it out so that it would fit on the print bed of a Makerbot Replicator 2.



I did a test print at 30% size, cleaned up the parts and assembled the ship.DSC_0479 DSC_0480 DSC_0483 DSC_0481 DSC_0482DSC_0484DSC_0489DSC_0485DSC_0486DSC_0488DSC_0487

DSC_0490 DSC_0491 DSC_0494 DSC_0493



Once we get the big version printed out I will post more pictures.




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