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Lightsaber Mk2

Good News!!  I found the SD card that I misplaced with all of the pictures of my Mk2 lightsaber.  This saber was a commission for a friend to give to her little sister for a birthday gift.     I milled the majority of the body from aluminum, and used a sink tube for the main battery compartment.
DSC_1218 DSC_1219 DSC_1220 DSC_1222 DSC_1223 DSC_1224 DSC_1225 DSC_1226 DSC_1229 DSC_1233

I loved how the blue ring button came out, it looks awesome.DSC_1235 DSC_1236 DSC_1237 DSC_1238

Duct Tape AT-AT

THis is pretty self explanatory. So, the stats: 100% duct tape. Scale Model (not sure the scale). Approximately 30 hours of work, or rather 30 hours of sitting at the table with duct tape in front of me. 3 rolls of duct tape. 1 of normal Nashua tape, 2 of Industrial Grade Duck Brand, and pieces of double sided and extra wide duct tape.


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