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Lucidity-3D Model Repair and Print Preparation

As a contract job, I was a little worried that this task would be extremely difficult, but in the end, I learned a TON, had a lot of fun, and have a cool model at the end.   The client sent me an OBJ file of a spaceship that he wanted to 3D print at around 2 feet long.    The model I recieved was HUGE (see dimension line in picture). lucid2

I decided to use Sketchup to repair the model because it was geometrical enough to not have to worry about too many organic curves.  After scaling the model, the original print simulator was terrible.  I downloaded a plugin that let me see the errors, and it was FULL of holes.  A Resurfacing plugin did not do the trick I spent the next week or so repairing all of the holes and then I broke up the model into different parts and hollowed it out so that it would fit on the print bed of a Makerbot Replicator 2.



I did a test print at 30% size, cleaned up the parts and assembled the ship.DSC_0479 DSC_0480 DSC_0483 DSC_0481 DSC_0482DSC_0484DSC_0489DSC_0485DSC_0486DSC_0488DSC_0487

DSC_0490 DSC_0491 DSC_0494 DSC_0493



Once we get the big version printed out I will post more pictures.



Mahogany and Maple Pendulum Cradle

I just finished this pendulum cradle from Mahogany(basket)  and Maple (legs).   It is for my cousin’s new baby boy, Jasper.  It is colored with Watco Danish Oil (natural) and Bison Paste Wax.

This is the cradle at the hackerspace



This is Jasper.

Acrylic Word Lamps (LOGOS)

This is a lamp that I made for a friend.  I used 1/2″ acrylic sheeting.  The adhesive backing was the biggest pain to get off since the acrylic had been sitting in a garage for several years.  First I routed out the letters about 1/8″ deep.  Then I took an old chisel ( AND SAFETY GLASSES) and chipped away at the edges and inside the letters. Once the LOGOS was done, I drilled three holes in the base and glued in 10mm blue LEDs.

Wooden Ukulele Dinosaur Transformer

So, I built this a while ago and it took quite some time to think up.   I knew I wanted it be a ukulele transformer, and I knew I wanted to make it out of wood.  First I took sheets of paper and cut them into the shapes I wanted to see if they would swivel/fold right, and it took me several tries, as in multiple pieces, such as arms or legs broke, split, or didn’t fit, so I had to try again.  It is made out of wooden pegs, one brass hinge, poplar, oak, maple, and mahogany.

In the end it turned out to be a pterodactyl/ukulele transformer

transformer-jul-22-2012-2-54-pm transformer-jul-22-2012-2-55-pm transformer-jul-22-2012-2-056 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-058 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-58-pm transformer-jul-22-2012-2-059 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-060 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-061 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-062 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-063 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-064 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-065 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-066 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-067 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-068

Turntable case/base

So, I managed to acquire an old Technics turntable that comes without a base, so I of course made my own.   the template was provided with the actual turntable, so I took some 1/2″ acrylic I had laying around and cut it to fit.    I them used some maple  to create a frame  with raised corners to go around the plate so that there is airflow.

turntable-jul-16-2012-7-19-pm turntable-jul-16-2012-7-019 turntable-jul-16-2012-7-18-pm turntable-jul-13-2012-1-54-pm turntable-jul-13-2012-1-42-pm turntable-jul-11-2012-7-50-pm turntable-jul-11-2012-6-40-pm turntable-jul-11-2012-6-31-pm turntable-jul-11-2012-6-30-pm


The Trumpet Lamp

This is a lamp I made out of an old trumpet.  The valves still worked, however the previous owner got married, and I needed to give him a gift, sooooo I took the trumpet and am giving it back as a lamp.  the third valve turns the lamp on and off.   GIVE ME USED UNWANTED INSTRUMENTS!  I will post a tutorial when I get the chance.  (The problem is that I gave this away, so I do not have it to film the tutorial)

dsc_2801 dsc_2799 dsc_2797


Folding Ukulele Stand

Sooo, the second attempt, but here is a folding ukulele stand I designed, cut and built.   I used 1/2″  birch plywood.    Two small hinges and then some half inch quarter round.  folds flat, then opens to hold the Uke.


dsc_2789 dsc_2795 dsc_2793 dsc_2792 dsc_2791 dsc_2790


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