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Duct Tape Serenity Carrying Case, and Meeting Jewel Staite!!



I went to Boston Comicon today while carrying my Duct Tape Serenity on my back.    I met Jewel Staite!!BunhwSoCMAA5xOIBelow you can see some more pictures of the backpack I made.  I was given an old external fram backpack that I modified with some wooden hooks to hook around Serenity’s Wings

IMG_4879 IMG_4880 IMG_4881 IMG_4882 IMG_4883


Master Sword and Sting

So, For the upcoming Somerville Open Studios, I am attempting to make a few pieces that adequately convey the types of swords that I like to make for people.  For this project I made a replicaof the Master Sword from Zelda, and a replica of Sting.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Scythe M?

This piece was a commission.  This contains a 1″x.075″ wooden post and two 8 inch long 3/16″ steel dowels for support of the blade.  The point is constructed of closed cell foam.  The rest is entirely duct tape. I used industrial strength for the main shape, and red, tan, black, and silver for the rest.


Here is a Pic of M?  at Boston ComicCon!buffyscythe


Duct Tape Serenity

This model is made of 100% duct tape.   23 pounds of it in fact.   The armature on the inside is duct tape.   Took me 110 hours over six months.



Duct Tape F-16

I made this model when an acquaintance of mine told me he didn’t think I could make an F-16 out of duct tape.  I proved him wrong, building this model in less than 6 hours, with around 60 feet of tape.


Duct Tape Duesenberg

I originally made this model for Jay Leno, hoping to get to be on his TV show. I sent pictures multiple times, however, I never received any response.  Oh well.   Sadly, at this time, the actual model is deteriorating.  When I built it, I hadn’t yet figured out a way to make the models stay intact for long periods of time.   Enjoy!

Duct Tape Swords



All of these swords are built on comission.  Each one contains a single 1/4″ steel dowel in the middle.  I build Axes, Maces, Swords, Scythes and more.  If you provide me with a picture of the sword, I can provide you with a quote.

Duct Tape AT-AT

THis is pretty self explanatory. So, the stats: 100% duct tape. Scale Model (not sure the scale). Approximately 30 hours of work, or rather 30 hours of sitting at the table with duct tape in front of me. 3 rolls of duct tape. 1 of normal Nashua tape, 2 of Industrial Grade Duck Brand, and pieces of double sided and extra wide duct tape.

Duct Tape Battleship

I built this in response to a challenge that somebody issued when they were doubting my skills with duct tape. This is a 100% duct tape scale model of the Battleship Bismarck. it took approximately 70 hours of work and six rolls of duct tape.


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