Borderlands 2: Law 3D Printed from mesh files


IMG_20150222_211728655The parts move!   The chamber spins, the barrel “breaks” and hammer cocks.IMG_20150222_211741041_TOP

The hardest part was modifying the actual mesh files so that they would fit together and actually move.  Once I had gotten them just right I printed them out. I will describe my process in a future post.

Out of the printer.IMG_20150211_212313482_TOP

IMG_20150211_223619897IMG_20150210_142656030IMG_20150210_160316643_TOPIMG_20150210_160318387IMG_20150210_162708571IMG_20150210_170101388IMG_20150210_170121151IMG_20150210_165239281Carving the round parts from pink foam


Covering said parts in WorblaIMG_20150211_233359195IMG_20150211_234113748IMG_20150212_011046542_HDR

Primed using PlastikoteIMG_20150214_120238477IMG_20150214_181857687IMG_20150214_173626003IMG_20150214_183020933

I used Styrene to make the blade holder

IMG_20150214_192831782After the primer coat, I painted them all black and then used a dry brush technique I will describe in a future post.

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