Master Sword and Sting

So, For the upcoming Somerville Open Studios, I am attempting to make a few pieces that adequately convey the types of swords that I like to make for people.  For this project I made a replicaof the Master Sword from Zelda, and a replica of Sting.

2 Responses to Master Sword and Sting

  1. Colin Bragg says:

    Do you have an instructional guide to making a scabbard? I have Jon Snow’s Longclaw and I need a way to store it on my back. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • jacoblarockr says:

      Hi! I can definitely make a video of that but if I understand you correctly, you have a metal, real sword? if so, I wouldnt necessarily say that duct tape is the best material, however, I can still make a tutorial. I’ll suggest some ways to make it able to hold a metal sword, and possible some techniques to make it out of other materials

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