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Wooden Ukulele Dinosaur Transformer

So, I built this a while ago and it took quite some time to think up.   I knew I wanted it be a ukulele transformer, and I knew I wanted to make it out of wood.  First I took sheets of paper and cut them into the shapes I wanted to see if they would swivel/fold right, and it took me several tries, as in multiple pieces, such as arms or legs broke, split, or didn’t fit, so I had to try again.  It is made out of wooden pegs, one brass hinge, poplar, oak, maple, and mahogany.

In the end it turned out to be a pterodactyl/ukulele transformer

transformer-jul-22-2012-2-54-pm transformer-jul-22-2012-2-55-pm transformer-jul-22-2012-2-056 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-058 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-58-pm transformer-jul-22-2012-2-059 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-060 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-061 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-062 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-063 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-064 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-065 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-066 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-067 transformer-jul-22-2012-2-068

Turntable case/base

So, I managed to acquire an old Technics turntable that comes without a base, so I of course made my own.   the template was provided with the actual turntable, so I took some 1/2″ acrylic I had laying around and cut it to fit.    I them used some maple  to create a frame  with raised corners to go around the plate so that there is airflow.

turntable-jul-16-2012-7-19-pm turntable-jul-16-2012-7-019 turntable-jul-16-2012-7-18-pm turntable-jul-13-2012-1-54-pm turntable-jul-13-2012-1-42-pm turntable-jul-11-2012-7-50-pm turntable-jul-11-2012-6-40-pm turntable-jul-11-2012-6-31-pm turntable-jul-11-2012-6-30-pm


The Trumpet Lamp

This is a lamp I made out of an old trumpet.  The valves still worked, however the previous owner got married, and I needed to give him a gift, sooooo I took the trumpet and am giving it back as a lamp.  the third valve turns the lamp on and off.   GIVE ME USED UNWANTED INSTRUMENTS!  I will post a tutorial when I get the chance.  (The problem is that I gave this away, so I do not have it to film the tutorial)

dsc_2801 dsc_2799 dsc_2797


Folding Ukulele Stand

Sooo, the second attempt, but here is a folding ukulele stand I designed, cut and built.   I used 1/2″  birch plywood.    Two small hinges and then some half inch quarter round.  folds flat, then opens to hold the Uke.


dsc_2789 dsc_2795 dsc_2793 dsc_2792 dsc_2791 dsc_2790


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