Duct Tape Serenity Carrying Case, and Meeting Jewel Staite!!

    I went to Boston Comicon today while carrying my Duct Tape Serenity on my back.    I met Jewel Staite!!Below you can see some more pictures of the backpack I More »

Master Sword and Sting

So, For the upcoming Somerville Open Studios, I am attempting to make a few pieces that adequately convey the types of swords that I like to make for people.  For this project More »

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Scythe M?

This piece was a commission.  This contains a 1″x.075″ wooden post and two 8 inch long 3/16″ steel dowels for support of the blade.  The point is constructed of closed cell foam.  More »

Duct Tape Serenity

This model is made of 100% duct tape.   23 pounds of it in fact.   The armature on the inside is duct tape.   Took me 110 hours over six months. More »

Duct Tape F-16

I made this model when an acquaintance of mine told me he didn’t think I could make an F-16 out of duct tape.  I proved him wrong, building this model in less More »

Leather Geology Field Belt

A while back I designed and made a leather field belt for my geologist girlfriend.  I had the best leatherworker I know teach me, and it is actually super fun.   It includes a rock pick holster (quick-draw), a field notebook with space pen and pencil, a leatherman & holster, and a loupe with a holster.


Take an oversized piece and soak it in water for a few hours, then nail it down with BRASS tacks as tight as you can around the object you want it formed to. In this case, I used a wood block so I didnt ruin the book.





Once dried and formed, use punches to punch through the leather so you can thread the backings onto the formed pieces.DSC_1422 DSC_1423DSC_1424


The pattern you see in the small tab here was “engraved” onto the leather using a raster laser.





The dyeing.DSC_1476

Bossa Nova: Tales from the Borderlands

I REALLY want to do this costume, but I am not sure I ahve the bulk for it.

August 3D model: Tales from the Borderlands

After a ton of research and a lot of trial and error, I have discovered how to extract 3d models from Tales from the Borderlands. This is the character August.

Borderlands 2: Bandit Spingun

My spingun with a spinning barrel! (See Below for Video)IMG_20150305_013742676_HDR

Nerf Alpha Trooper to be sacrificed.IMG_20150212_222452451_HDR IMG_20150222_101443903
The Harbor Freight Drill to be Sacrificed

Fashioning a new handle for the drill trigger from woodIMG_20150222_163008692_HDR IMG_20150222_163011752_HDR IMG_20150222_163013329_HDRPutting the wood handle into the nerf frame and extending the wiring.
IMG_20150222_173702723_HDR IMG_20150222_173704006_HDRI added a wooden brace to the interior of the gun so that it would not warp with the weight of the drill.

Beginning to fasten the drill onto the body.  I used sintra bracing, since it was what I had available and it was flexible enough to torque the drill into the right position.IMG_20150222_185802917_TOPIMG_20150222_193714457_HDRTesting the PVC and cardboard drill enclosure.

Fastened the Sintra cowl over the main body of the gun.

IMG_20150223_221308755_HDR I covered the wooden grip in Worbla to cover over the blemishes and to make it easy to paint.IMG_20150223_222313643 IMG_20150223_223830986IMG_20150223_223401874

I used a Shopbot CNC Machine to cut the barrel spacers, since I didn’t trust myself to make them evenly spaced. The pictures below show pink foam spacers, but I eventually switched to .75″ ply for rigidity and durability.

I aimed to make the barrels as light as possible so that it wouldnt strain the drill too much.
IMG_20150224_214351353_HDR IMG_20150224_214352496_HDR IMG_20150224_214401185

Check out my first Spin Test Below

I inserted a 1/4″ steel rod into a dowel and then into the body of the gun for structural toughness and so that I could carry it around without it breaking off.  I also added sintra reinforcements.
IMG_20150302_220343677 IMG_20150302_220344297

To the paint room!   I used Plastikote first, and then a rust colored base layer.

IMG_20150303_223413833 IMG_20150304_232816706 IMG_20150304_234905869

The look after Dry brushing.

IMG_20150305_013742676_HDRI added a Nerf Vulcan Ammo box (the night before PAX) to hold the battery.  I’ll post some more pictures soon.

Borderlands 2: Law 3D Printed from mesh files


IMG_20150222_211728655The parts move!   The chamber spins, the barrel “breaks” and hammer cocks.IMG_20150222_211741041_TOP

The hardest part was modifying the actual mesh files so that they would fit together and actually move.  Once I had gotten them just right I printed them out. I will describe my process in a future post.

Out of the printer.IMG_20150211_212313482_TOP

IMG_20150211_223619897IMG_20150210_142656030IMG_20150210_160316643_TOPIMG_20150210_160318387IMG_20150210_162708571IMG_20150210_170101388IMG_20150210_170121151IMG_20150210_165239281Carving the round parts from pink foam


Covering said parts in WorblaIMG_20150211_233359195IMG_20150211_234113748IMG_20150212_011046542_HDR

Primed using PlastikoteIMG_20150214_120238477IMG_20150214_181857687IMG_20150214_173626003IMG_20150214_183020933

I used Styrene to make the blade holder

IMG_20150214_192831782After the primer coat, I painted them all black and then used a dry brush technique I will describe in a future post.


The snow was no packing snow.  It was super light and fluffy, so my friend Chris and I went out and carved out a huge pile left from the snow plow.IMG_20150127_233051420IMG_20150127_235306129 IMG_20150127_233029393 IMG_20150127_235411350


Polargator Bringer of the Snowmageddonpocalypse

IMG_20150127_235411350IMG_20150127_233029393 IMG_20150127_235306129

Lightsaber Mk2

Good News!!  I found the SD card that I misplaced with all of the pictures of my Mk2 lightsaber.  This saber was a commission for a friend to give to her little sister for a birthday gift.     I milled the majority of the body from aluminum, and used a sink tube for the main battery compartment.
DSC_1218 DSC_1219 DSC_1220 DSC_1222 DSC_1223 DSC_1224 DSC_1225 DSC_1226 DSC_1229 DSC_1233

I loved how the blue ring button came out, it looks awesome.DSC_1235 DSC_1236 DSC_1237 DSC_1238

Antique Pedal Car Restoration-Dent Removal and Repair


I was tasked with restoring and antique pedal car that used to be my uncle’s.    The car was not in great condition, so I had it sandblasted.  you can see from the picturebelow what it used to look like.

photo 1


The car was in pretty bad shape, with dents all over it, and the steering and linkage systems were basically trashed.   I will post the pictures of what it looked like before and after I removed the rustoleum that was covering it as soon as I find them.

In order to get the dents out, I purchased a Hammer and Dolly set.  A dolly is basically a shaped piece of forged steel that you push up on the low parts with while hammering down the high parts, and it smooths out beautifully.IMG_1276 IMG_1277

IMG_1282IMG_1280 IMG_1283


There are still a few smaller dents that I cant really reach, so I am currently researching a powdercoatable metal filler to use.  Updates to come!

The Nightsaber of Ultimate Truth: Part 1





I have nearly finished machining the parts for my newest saber, the Nightsaber of Ultimate Truth!  This is a commission for the SCUL gang.   The Pommel, blade guard, and hilt adornments are all machined from brass.

This is the brass pommel and the aluminum connector. I machined this entirely by eye, and the main power switch will sit in the bottom of this.


This is the main compartment in the hilt with a cutout for the button panel.  I realized that making a panel that all of the switches are attached to is much easier than drilling individual holes for each switch


The battery compartment is made of a section of Chrome sink tube.   Simple enough.

IMG_1272 IMG_1271 IMG_1270 IMG_1269

IMG_1268The above pictures are the switch and color selector assembly.  I dont have any process pictures because I misplaced my memory card while I was assembling it.  Once the electronics boards have been completed I will be putting up a post on my new Open Source Saber Project.

IMG_1259 IMG_1258


Finally, this is the blade holder, heatsink, and blade guard.  I will be posting some pictures of the assembled piece once I put it back together.


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